Queer Halloween Stories Bundle Press Kit



    Sale Duration
    October 1, 2022 ~ November 1, 2022
    Bundle Page
    itch.io - https://bit.ly/QueerHalloweenStories2022
    Minimum Price
    $20.00 (USD)
    Promotional Graphics
    Art by inkymaw
    Logo by MysteryCorgi
    [email protected]
    #QueerHalloweenStoriesBundle on Twitter


    It's the magical month of Halloween, baby!It's time to let the skeletons out of the closet in all of their gay glory and tell a few horror stories around the campfire. In the mood for something lighthearted, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, or downright scary? No tricks here: this bundle of indie games will treat you to little bit of everything, and your purchase directly supports 14 queer indie developers telling these kinds of stories you won't find anywhere else.All bundle participants who opted in to receive a split of the funds start earning money from every purchase at the start of the sale. This will help them break even on the costs of development or fund future titles. A 3% cut of the proceeds will be taken by the host to recoup fees associated with the organization and promotion of the bundle, which has been factored into in our initial goal of $2740, or 137 bundles sold at the minimum price.In the interest of transparency, below is the percentage breakdown of the split:Non-commercial opt-out developers — 0%
    Commercial opt-out developers — 1%
    All other non-host participants — 8%
    tofurocks (developer) — 8%
    tofurocks (organizing, promotion) — 3%



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